Normalizing Israeli claims: Nas Daily attempts to misconstruct Palastinean resist

Tenaaz Mohazin

“Yesterday many people asked me to stand with Israel because I’m an Israeli.

I said I cannot, because Israel is doing something wrong

Other said, stand with Palestine because I’m a Palestinian

I said I cannot, because Palastine is doing something wrong.

The reality is if you stand with one side and one side only


Because its not black or white

The middle East is so complicated that with every new thing an embassy
move a weapon test, a demonstration LIVES ARE LOST.


But instead of playing a blame game and picking which side you want to
support on the internet like it’s a **** TV show contest please
remember that people are dying and this contest has no winners.”

This is what the face of Nas Daily, Nusseir Yassin who has more than 6 million followers in facebook said in his Wednesday’s video. This points out to the position that he neither stands with the oppressed nor addresses the real issue. The equal footing policy he has taken in his previous political based videos is evident over here too.

Although Yassin is a Palestinian, from the town of Araba, which is now under the control of Israel, his construction of words has not only failed to spot the worst situation of 2 million Palestinians but also reflects the huge commercialized strategies of the vlog.

If the internet is so busy in playing a blame game, as he says, than nas daily is not only busy making informational videos but is equally concerned about spreading peace and love by claiming Palestinian is doing something wrong. If the thousands of lives, which is denied in Gaza isn’t defining the oppression, then what really does, asks the regular viewers of Nas Daily.

Tenaaz Mohazin is a freelance journalist and media student from Kerala , India 

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