Triple Talaq: Islam and secular contentions

‘To conclude one can say that it would be naive to not see through the violent right wing agenda of slowly negating the presence of the Muslim community in India through such debates that on the surface seem to be only an innocent one for gender justice. It is essential to unpack the web of lies giving momentum to it.’

Remembering Akhlaq: How the Politics of Trade in Beef is Terrorising Muslims

BJP’s beef policy is therefore based on a typical doublespeak of religion and politics. The “legal” beef trade caters to upper-caste bourgeois interests. But by banning “illegal” beef trade, the government is able to endanger the livelihoods and food practices of many Muslims and Dalits for whom beef is a cheaply available source of protein. The prosperity and economic interests of upper-caste beef exporters are hence directly linked to the damage done to the livelihoods in local beef shops.

Anand Patwardhan and Meena Kandasamy urged to cast the vote for ASA in HCU Students Union Election.

The young poet and Dalit Intellectual Meena Kandasamy and the well-known Film maker Anand Patwardhan urged to cast the vote for P .VIJAY KUMAR from Ambedkar Students Association as the President in Students Union election of Hyderabad Central University. Ambedkar Students Association is contesting in the Students’ Union election 2016-17 independently for the Post of President with Vijay Kumar P, one of the socially boycotted students along with Rohith Vemula, as their candidate.