Doing and Outdoing Media: The Dalit Camera Experience. Ravichandran Bathran Speaks {Video}

The Dalit Camera which has become a rallying point for the Dalits, Adivasis, Bahujans and Minorities, founded by Ravichandran Bathran , a research fellow of IIAS and Dalit activist. It is a huge archive of Dalit Bahujan voices from all over India. Here is the lecture by Ravichandran Bathran on ‘Doing and Outdoing Media: The Dalit Camera Experience’ held at MBL Media School,Calicut.

Kolkata’s Presidency University dismiss Dalit and OBC teachers

Two faculties of Kolkata’s Presidency University (popularly known as Presidency College) – one of India’s oldest and most prestigious institutes of higher learning – have become victims of casteist discrimination. On the 21 April, the university terminated the services of Satyadeo Prasad and Anil Pushker, teachers from its Department of Hindi who were on probation for a year. The termination is ostensibly due to “unsatisfactory performance”. However, students of the department have protested this decision as unfair and arbitrary, as reported in the local Bengali press.

Tents of Rohingyan Refugees Burnt In Kashmir. Compensation Package of 2000 Rupees For Each Family, UNCHR Says

‘Around 12 in the night we were driven away from our tents by a a group of Hindu extremists . Later they set our tents in fire. UNCHR made a promise to us, that they will provide us a compensation package worth 2000 INR only for each family. Neither media nor any other organisation approached us regarding this..We are starving since they reached Delhi. We are badly in need of food and shelter.’ Maung Abdul Khan , Rohingyan activist told Maktoob Media

Rahul Gandhi visits Kerala professor on fast for campus

Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday night visited the Aiims where he met the assistant professor of GB Pant Engineering College who has been on an indefinite hunger strike for the last 15 days. Professor Joshil Abraham wants a proper campus for students of the GB Pant Government Engineering College in Delhi with adequate facilities and infrastructure.

Tarun Vijay’s Racist Comments on South India: Protest In Pondicherry University Turns Brutal, 16 Arrested

Yesterday, the Pondicherry University students were attacked by the police force, for protesting against Tarun Vijay, who came for a program organized by the ABVP in commemoration of Tamil Culture and Ambedkar Jayanti. Tarun Vijay, a politician who has recently come under controversy for his racist remarks against South Indian complexions, was met with a group of protesters shouting ‘Racist go back’, which the stationed police force, and RSS organizers did not entertain.

Earlier ‘threatened for criticising’; Now Ramachandra Guha praises Modi

Earlier this week, Ramachandra Guha tweeted that he has been getting “identical” threat mails warning him not to be critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP. He claimed that the mails also warned him against criticising BJP President Amit Shah. And today he said that Modi is set to become third most successful PM after Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

Multiple Cases of Sexual Harassment in Nalanda University. The Vice-Chancellor Protecting the Accused , Students Says

“The VC has been conciliatory in his attitude towards someone whose guilt has been proved by the ICC. Any delays in execution of ICC’s orders reveals the underbelly of the nepotistic attitude and sheltering of such accused persons within the University premises.” A student from the second batch of University told Maktoob Media. “Protest meeting in the Interim Campus tomorrow morning,” added another student from the second batch.