When Asifa become nothing but Casuality

This is not a case of ‘India’s daughter as many would like to see it. It is not about a couple of men making sure that their lust is satisfied.  The case of Asifa is one of many, where the bodies of women and children are used to send a message or teach an entire community a message.

What is Holi (Holy) about this? Why would the Brahmanical-Patriarchal India celebrate the burning of Holika, an Asura Bahujan woman?

Culturally, Holi is the coming together of the Right and the Left symbolically burning the Dalit woman, with the blessings of Manu, with joy and pomp in the public sphere while Dalit,Adivasi, Bahujan women continue to cry silently. Holi will not only remain anti-bahujan, anti-dalit and anti-adivasi women in character but against womanhood itself.

In Chains Of The State And Popular Conscience

Abdul Nasar Ma’dani is an icon for his supporters as well as for his adversaries (and also for the adherents of calculated apoliticism). Several media trials that he underwent potentially embedded him in the mainstream popular conscience as the face of ‘islamic terrorism’.

The State of Adivasi Resistance in Kerala: Marking The 15th Year of Muthanga Land Struggle

Now, it has been 15 years since this tragic incident occurred and still the Adivasi communities of Kerala are being denied of basic rights such as land, education, and health. The progressive society of Kerala has conveniently forgotten the struggle lead by the Adivasi communities to secure their basic rights and the progressive Government has turned a deaf ear to the existential issues faced by the Adivasis.

Margins and Mainstream in Politics of Privilege

Overall, the language of mainstream politics is so exclusive that it can hardly afford any independent pronouncement or protestation from the margins of establishments. Its very grammar is formulated for the purpose of invisiblising the victim, silencing their voices, and demanding their inactivity in advance. 

How or why could Modi/BJP win again in Gujarat in spite of 22 years of continuous misgovernance, which has left all human development and economy in shambles?

We Dalit-Bahujan-Adivasis together form the most substantial numerical majority in India, of 68% of its population. The onus is on us to build the formidable political force which would defeat these fascist forces and reclaim the Republic. Whether elections alone can accomplish this, I will not state now.