Aung San Su Kyi says there is no ethnic cleansing, I too agree with her because ethnic cleansing is very soft word to use, it’s a Genocide going on there- Ali Johar

‘ People are being arrested with false accusations every day and are being charged bribes in their poor situation and if they can’t afford to give money then they are imprisoned for years without appearing at the court. It is like hunter going to forest to hunt animal without any justification, wherever and whenever they wish. The government of Myanmar is doing the same with us, hunting us whenever they wish no justice for our people at all. Today they already driven out half of the Rohingya population and the remaining half are living in persecution.’

Dear Look At What They Have Made You Into,

More than for what I have put you through, I am honestly guilty for how they are heading you through.
Ending up with, please don’t forget to bring out a change in our system and include them in your revenge list before setting off to take it all just on me. Cause I just raped your body, while they raped your pride and dignity. They are as guilty as I am. Aren’t they?

UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s views Christians and women

Adityanath warns in his essay on “the inherent dangers in making women like men”. He quotes texts to say “if men acquire women-like qualities they become God but, when women acquire men-like qualities they become “rakshas” (demons)”. Serious thought must be given to these issues, writes Adityanath