The Status of Jerusalem and Global Diplomatic Re-orientations

The long-lasting support of Turkey, Iran, Qatar and many others to the Palestinian people gives hope and confidence to the International Community. The recent upheavals of protests against Trump’s recognition across the world sustain the vigor of resistance and liberation of Palestine. As Hamid Dabashi argues “irrespective of being Muslim, for Palestinians at large, Haram al-Sharif (Al Aqsa) is also the symbolic summation of their homeland”.

It’s Not Just Jerusalem, It’s All of Palestine

Israel is surrounded by the Palestinians (among them 5 million UNRWA Palestine refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan) it drove out of Palestine to establish the Apartheid settler colonial Jewish state there. These people are mostly, but not exclusively, Muslim in religion. They are the indigenous people of Palestine, Arab in culture, the true owners of the land.

Madari Venkatesh : Memory of institutional murder and Caste Discrimination

A Scholar who had published three research papers in reputed journals, willing to work and having aspirations to up-bring his family and community, was forced to commit suicide on 24th-Nov-2013, due to the strategic systemic negligence from the part of ACRHEM and University of Hyderabad Administration. The death of Madari Venkatesh is not a ‘personal’ problem, rather is the consequence of structural and institutional discrimination, and systematic exercise of exclusionary practices.

On Hadiya and Shafin ; Politics of Multiple Narratives

Why one of the most ruthlessly violent organization in the whole subcontinent operating even before its formation as a nation which also now runs the entire show escape the condemnation it deserves being equated with an assertive muslim organization? What disease infected the kerala public sphere and almost all alternative spheres will adequately explain this phenomenon?

My Resistance

My resistance comes from years of experience of oppression, of myself, my mother and her mother. During these long years we fought back, inch by inch, foot by foot, in the hope of covering miles. We were fighters, fighting against a system determined to keep us as victims.