UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s views Christians and women

Adityanath warns in his essay on “the inherent dangers in making women like men”. He quotes texts to say “if men acquire women-like qualities they become God but, when women acquire men-like qualities they become “rakshas” (demons)”. Serious thought must be given to these issues, writes Adityanath

UP Election Surveys and Mayawati . Is Media Brahmanical?

She has been pushed to the margins. People are talking about her now when she entered the fray. Somebody claimed that the BSP will get 24 out of 50 seats. As a matter of fact, the media does not understand the BSP. Due to this, it only focuses on the political strategies of other parties. If you don’t visit the villages, how can you present the true picture? Opinions formed at tea stalls are different from those formed in cities. A complete picture emerges only when opinions are collected at all levels.”