HCU: Support the Alliance for Social Justice , A Note from ASA

Terms of Alliance:
1) The alliance shall be entered as two fronts, one ASA led front consisting of ASA, MSF and SIO, and the other front consisting of SFI, DSU, TSF, TVV.
2) Each front partners shall decide which organization would contest in the election for which post.
3) The Election shall be fought under a united banner without naming any organization.

Homes you must visit in Kerala, Mr. Jaitley

Having great concerns over the alleged increase of violence in the left front ruled state of Kerala, Mr. Arun Jaitley, Union Finance Minister and a high profile leader is visiting the state today. He will be visiting the house of Late Rajesh RSS worker who was hacked to death in Trivandrum and the culprits of murder have been arrested.It is highly unfortunate to loose a human life, and being a BJP leader Jaitley,s visit to his home could have been justifiable