Academia mourns as Saba Mahamood passes away

Her untimely death has caused deep shock and sadness among academicians and scholars alike. she was currently on medical leave as the university site informs us. Her work, ‘politics of piety’ forced the academia to remap the contours in understanding questions related to religion, ethics, and agency.

What is Holi (Holy) about this? Why would the Brahmanical-Patriarchal India celebrate the burning of Holika, an Asura Bahujan woman?

Culturally, Holi is the coming together of the Right and the Left symbolically burning the Dalit woman, with the blessings of Manu, with joy and pomp in the public sphere while Dalit,Adivasi, Bahujan women continue to cry silently. Holi will not only remain anti-bahujan, anti-dalit and anti-adivasi women in character but against womanhood itself.