“ An off-day game”: Brutally  realistic and strongly political cinema till date.

I saw RohitVemula in dasan, I saw Omar Khalid, IromSharmila, and many of the Kashmiris and all oppressed people in the country in place of ‘dasan’. it’ll be confusing to people who don’t care about humanity and self-obsessed, they think that’s abrupt and brutal climax, I would like to say its shouting in very loud and clear voice which will make sensations in our minds and ask us to get up and stand up for upholding our rights and fight with the oppressed until justice is served. To me, an off-day game is not a mere movie but a piece of artwork that keeps talking and shouting and never stops at all.

Half sleeve? I suppose I don’t have one!

The pursuit of expectations( of students) demands a sensible solution to this problem . Revising rules does not mean the board is liberalizing a very competitive examination .But it just means to act democratically by a giving a consenting nod to what the board has been teaching us at school ever since. Like so many worried parents, brothers, and sisters I am only a friend of someone who scored 97% of marks in 12th grade and is hoping that the board will let her wear hijab, respecting her ideology.

EFLU Proctor Harasses Dalit PhD Scholar on Ambedkar Jayanti

On 14th April 2016, Koonal Duggal, a Dalit PhD scholar was harassed and manhandled by security guards on orders from the Proctor Prakash Kona during Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations, organized by EFLU students and SC/ST non-teaching employees’ association. Security guards grabbed Koonal after he completed his speech and attempted to remove him from the premises, claiming that the Proctor had given specific orders to ‘restrict’ Koonal’s entry to the campus. Koonal and the students who intervened in the matter were not given any reason as to why he was being evicted. The Chief Security Officer claimed that he had a copy of the order signed by the Proctor but refused to produce a copy of the same.

Reremembering Babsaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. Note from ASA HCU.

Before demise, Rohith Vemula, who was led to suicide due Political Victimization of BJP and RSS, reiterated “Dalit Organizations and Independent Dalit Activists must make a resolution to resist these RSS programs (pogroms) with tooth and nail fights. It is a waste of time to watch at the left side for support. Dalits should take RSS personally and fight back. Or else, we will be doomed to a future, very risky for our coming generations”. Ironically, the proponents of Hindu Raj had started appropriating Ambedkar on his 125th Birth Anniversary. As Babasaheb said, go back to villages and your localities, and emancipate the masses, failing which depressed classes will be doomed.

This is NOT an anti-Indian rant, just my experiences and observations.An African-American writes.

Obviously, Winston Churchill was a racist who is on record for saying, “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion”. Churchill hated the Indian politicians of his time with an even greater passion. To quote Churchill verbatim, Indian politicians are “charlatans, rascals, ruffians and scallywags of every stripe you can think of”.

People Beware, Hatred Messages are getting spread on Kollam Tragedy

Attention India, some RSS affiliated pages are spreading false news on-line about the tragedy at Puttingal temple in Kerala. The twitter account titled ‘Om Hindu Kranti RSS’ have tweeted that the attack is planned and executed by Muslim members of CPM. Supporting to that supreme leaders and some followers have retweeted and spreading same hateful content accusing Muslim members of left party. Meanwhile, entire people in the state are working together in the rescue operation with no difference of political and religious ideologies.