Scholar Talal Asad condemns the police brutality in Hyderabad University


The world renowned Humanist and Anthropologist Talal Asad spoke in support of the student protests at JNU and Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Talal Asad has made great theoretical contributions to Post- colonialism, Christianity and Islam and is currently an Anthropologist at New York City University.

He has declared his solidarity with the students opposing government tyranny in a letter to Maktoob, in reply to Maktoob’s request of a response about the events that occurred in the past months following Rohith Vemula’s Suicide.

Dear Editor,

I am sad to hear of this news. In a democracy no one should be brutalized by the police – male or female, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim. A university campus is an especially protected place, and there minority students need special protection against physical and psychological mistreatment. In a democracy, it is up to the university authorities to protect students and to try to understand their grievances, not to punish them and certainly not to use police against them. The accounts I hear from you as well as from my Indian friends about police violence in university campuses, whether in JNU or in HCU, is very disturbing. You have my complete sympathy and support. This kind of authoritarian behavior will definitely damage India’s reputation internationally.

All good wishes to you and your comrades,

Talal Asad

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