‘Do you remember Akhlaq? ‘Sitaram Yechury’s response on PM Modi’s ‘shoot me’ speech.

Sitaram Yechury rips apart Prime minister Narendra Modi’s ‘shoot me’ speech in Loksabha –

“PM said don’t shoot dalits, shoot me instead. This dialogue comes in every other Hindi film. when the mother says ‘spare my children, kill me instead’.
Sir, what is the meaning of saying don’t attack dalits? Is that a license to attack the non-dalits? Is that the license to attack the religious minorities? Remember, in the name of this gau rakhsha business, the first person to have died, who’ve been killed, was Akhlaq. And, therefore this is an issue on which we have been repeatedly asking the PM for once please assure in this house and through us the people of this country that this Govt will abide by the rule of the law. If there are people violating the law, action will be taken against them. That assurance unfortunately has not come till date. What we want is what is the action going to be taken.
This reminds us of one of the Machivellian dictums. Machiavelli tells the prince, how to win the hearts of the people. One of the dictums is, ‘First show the people the worst that is possible under your rule. Then, proceed with restraint not to do that. And, people will heave a sigh of relief and say that what a great benefactor he is’.
What is happening and what the PM is saying are totally unrelated. We want that assurance from this Government, that the law of the land will be protected, anybody violating this law of the land, action will be taken.
In the name of cow vigilantism, there’s havoc that’s being spread in the country. Innocent people’s lives are being taken away and we know about how the dalits have been attacked.

Give that assurance. Once, let the PM come and tell in the Parliament that those who violate the law in our country will be proceeded against. “

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