Raja Vemula remembering his Brother Rohith Vemula

Raja Vemula ( Brother of Rohith Vemula)


Remembering today…
My brother Rohit Vemula told me not to go for higher education (Ph. D) in Indian Universities and waste my time.
He told he’ll discontinue his Research due to Caste Discrimination. Facing trouble from the university authorities which influence from Union Ministers in supportive of ABVP. Also told that ABVP president (Name not mentioned) filed a false case against him.
He said that the students from our community will no longer accepted to study and raise our voices. Our fundamental rights are imprisoned by the present government. People from our community will suffer a lot because of this fascist government.

He asked my mother to make chapathi with less oil. He wasn’t satisfied with the chicken curry because of more masala and roasted.

He promised my mother Radhika Vemula that he’ll find a job and built a house in one or two years.
He gave his word to me that he’d pay the GRE/TOEFL coaching fee in Fifteen days to get an admission in Foreign Universities (I was preparing for GRE/TOEFL at that time).
He watched TV for some time along with his friend accompanied him and slept.

Next Day (30-Dec-2015):
He got ready to go back to University.
He again remembered his promises made to us and had his last breakfast with me.

I dropped him along his friend at bus-stop.
I remember his last words at the bus-stop
“Take care of mommy’s health and never let her feel uncomfortable because of your childish behaviour. Study well and try hard to score more points in GRE/TOEFL. Take care, chintu”. He waved his hand and left.

After 17 days I saw him sleeping even my mother and me were crying. He didn’t look at us, talked with us. Forgot about his caring mother and loving brother. Said he was empty in his last letter, not being treated as a man, failed to be loved without hurting and finally left me and us to find a new world with equality and freedom.

Till today, I didn’t hear his voice.

Rohit Anna, you forgot that…
without you:
We are helpless,
We are hopeless,
We miss ourselves and
We are, nothing but, meaningless.

Love you Anna.
Hope you find a place where you could live in Peace rest of your life.

Your, helpless, brother
Raja Vemula.

Jai Bheem…

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