An Open Letter to Kerala CM by the mother of an allegedly suspected ‘maoist’

A letter written by the mother of Nadeer K.P., alias Nadi, a young human rights activist based in Kozhikode, on charges of Maoist links caused an uproar in Kerala last month

This letter  has sent to Pinarayi Vijayan , the Chief Minister of Kerala , Polite Bureau of CPI(M) and leaders of Political parties which are in the Left Democratic Front (LDF).


I, Suhara w/o Ibrahim, a resident of Puliyangal, Nanminda, Balussery, Kozhikode would like to invite your kind attention to the following grievance of mine.

I came to know about the unfortunate and unjustifiable arrest of my son Nadeer KP, also known as Nadi, from Kozhikode Medical College on 19th December 2016 at around 11 AM, through news media. After his arrest, which was speculative to say the least, he was taken to the Iritty DYSP office in Kannur District for further interrogation. The air given to the arrest was as if my son was a hardened terrorist. He was questioned by various agencies into the wee hours of December 20 and at both at the police stations- Medical College and Iritty- he was locked up and treated like a criminal.

As he is known to many across the state, my son, Nadeer is a writer, journalist, human rights activist and a teacher. He has written on various topical issues for leading periodicals including the Mathrubhumi weekly, and for cyber-journalism platforms like the doolnews. His works including the cover stories for Mathrubhumi weekly (that appeared in August 2015 and December 2016) reveal that he was categorically opposed to the Maoist ideology.

As an activist, my son has been working towards many social causes but has never once indulged in an activity that can be termed seditious. He was part of the non-violent protests demanding rights for women in unorganized sectors, victims at Muthalamada and was a leader of movements like the Manushya Sangamam, Kiss of Love, Queer Pride etc. The activist in him has voiced against various saffronization attempts in the country too, including that at the FTII. I need to also add that my son was an active SFI worker who was elected the college unit secretary, magazine editor and general secretary during his days on campus.

Besides his social activities, my son has worked on a feature film, documentary and short films, and one of his works was screened at the IFFK, 2016. He has also art-directed the Sangeetha Nataka Akademi’s Pravasi Drama Competition held in Kolkata.

As a lecturer, Nadeer taught at the Kannur School of Journalism and the HSST Journalism at Medical College campus GHSS, Kozhikode, NGO Quqrters GHSS, Kozhikode. He is the sole bread winner of the family that dwells in a small rented house, and is our only hope for future.

In the wake of rising protests from various corners of the society Nadeer was released on 20th December 2016. The police said that the arrest was to verify his involvement in case number 148 / 16 registered on 15th March 2016 at the Aralam Police Station. He was charged under sections 124(A) and the UAPA and Arms act, and was said to be one of the three identified culprits named in the FIR. Even though he was released, he has now been served with a summons to appear before the police on 4th January 2017. Given the seriousness of the charges leveled against him, he has filed a case at the Honorable High Court of Kerala and has decided to resort to the Judiciary for justice. Both an email and a registered letter have been sent to the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Iritty, to inform about his inconvenience to appear before the authority on the aforementioned date.

In spite of all these, we do not believe that the ordeal is over. Though the DGP reiterated through the media that Nadeer is not a culprit, the Superintendent of Police has said in an email that he could be summoned anytime for the purpose of inquiry. It is also to be added that the raid conducted in our house hadn’t adhered to the rules laid down and was utmost unjust. I hope that the Left Front will initiate a public discourse on the matter and expose the crooked intentions of those who tried to endanger my innocent child’s life. That an attempt to frame a person and label him a terrorist by the police has happened during the Left Front’s reign itself makes me apprehensive. Being one of the very few political organisations to have taken a stand against the misuse of UAPA, the Left Front ought to discuss why my son, against whom there is not even a single criminal case, was made a sensational news item. I think it is high time that your organization starts pondering its stand on the misuse of laws including UAPA.

As you can understand, the above mentioned incidents have put me and my family under great fear and now, we are seriously concerned about my son’s future. Will my son get an immigration clearance to move out in the light of all that has happened? He is yet to get a reply for the same from the authority concerned. As an ordinary citizen, the constant fear with which I live is nothing less than an embarrassment to the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government in the state. It is my humble request to you and your party to discuss all these. I hope you would do the needful considering the life of my innocent son, and also save the state from such an imbroglio in future.


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