Protest gathering against Brutality on Najeeb’s Family in front of Delhi police headquarters


Students Islamic Organisation of India organized a protest gathering in front of Delhi police headquarters at ITO in New Delhi against the police brutality and mishandling of Najeeb’s family. A large number of students and activists attended the protest demanding suspension of police officials involved in brutality and immediate release of the investigation report regarding Najeeb Ahmad. Najeeb’s Mother Nafees Ahmad attended the programme with his family members. Nadeem Khan (JIH) , Sadath Hussain( SIO), Rahul Sonpimble (BAPSA), Mohit K Pandey (President, JNU Students Union), Birendra (United OBC Forum), Shehla Rashid (AISA) and Dawa Sherpa (Suspended student, JNU) delivered speeches seeking justice for Najeeb Ahmad.

A memorandum to the President of India was released in the demonstration. Almost three months after Najeeb Ahmad went missing from campus, the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) administration and the Delhi Police have been inactive and biased on finding and ensuring justice to Najeeb and punishing ABVP culprits. The Delhi police continue the investigation at a snail’s pace by raising reward amount for anyone providing information about Najeeb. In response to a habeas corpus plea filed by Najeeb’s mother Fatima Nafees on 29th November 2016, the Delhi High Court asked Delhi Police and the university to “cut across all political barriers” and look for him. The Delhi police has raided Najeeb Ahmed’s house in the wee hours of last Saturday suspecting the presence of Najeeb Ahmed at his house as his email address was accessed by someone. Later it was found that Najeeb’s maternal uncle was the one who logged in with Najeeb’s account. The alacrity with which police responded to this matter and the negligence with which police has been avoiding the interrogation on main perpetrators behind the kidnapping of Najeeb i.e ABVP members have clear indications that police is opinionated in this case. The protest gathering started at 3 pm and agitators pushed the barricades to enter the gateway of Delhi police headquarters. The protest call given by JNU Students Union on the same issue had stood canceled, while the leaders participated in the same programme.

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