Students of Pondichery University Stands with Rohingya

Ambedkar Students Association(ASA)-PU, organized a solidarity gathering and protest rally in support of Rohingyan Muslims and condemning the Myanmar government for ‘Mass Genocide’ sponsored by the state.

Students raised slogans against Nobel price awardee, State Counsellor and Leader of the National League for Democracy of Myanmar Aung Sank Suu Kyi for her offensive silence and on the Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu for his hate preaching which gives acceleration to ‘Genocide’. Also raised slogans against Modi governments move to deport 40,000 Rohingyan refugee population taking asylum here.

Students in huge rallied from Ponlait (campus shopping area) to gate number two. ASA General secretary Srutheesh Kannadi, MSF President Javad Basil, SIO President Asweel, ASA Spokesperson Subhra Roy and other addressed the gathering.

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