Beauty in Everyone. Artist Celebrates Diverse Beauty With Custom Dolls

About a year ago ,Crystal Kay ,the doll artist from Kansas ,Missouri was dealing with handmaking jewellery filled with Afro centric imagery ,meant to promote pride in African American Culture. But today , She has took a very unique step in promoting diversity and Body positivity through doll making .She created dolls that spotlights the unique and diverse attributes of real people that includes various skin conditions like vitiligo ,albinism ,freckles ,birthmarks and burn scars .


“I want to convey the message that beauty should not be manufactured ,it should be based on one’s true image ” says Kay. This very well help the kids who are being bullied or those having social anxiety ,depression and other psychological issues on the grounds of their skin colour.

Crystal Kay ,have indeed bought a remarkable idea of representing the wide spectrum of beauty , breaking the Stereotypical concept of fairness .

Compiled by Nuba Basheer

Video – AJ+

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