#injusTISS, Strike for Social Justice. TISS Protest Through Photos and Videos


“Narendra Modi, I warn you. The injustice you’re meeting out to the Students from SC/ST/OBC/Minority communities will make me come to your gates and do dharna, I’ll go to any extent for whatever it takes. And I’m not scared of you.”

Radhika Vemula addressing the students community at TISS Hyderabad.

Source – Iniyavan Banumathi

“They’ve not just stolen our food. But our plates too.”
Munna Sannaki, President of ASA HCU, addressing the protest gathering at TISS Hyderabad.

Source – Iniyavan Banumathi

Jai Bhim Foundation from Dharavi came to TISS Mumbai today to voice their solidarity

Source – TISS for Everyone

A Song by Jitesh Rathi from TISS Tuljapur campus on TISS Protest

Ohio State University in solidarity with TISS

Rohith tumhare sapno ko hum manzil tak pahuchaenge
Mumbai campus

Source – TISS for Everyone

Rahul Sonpimple of BAPSA addressing the protesters at TISS Mumbai

Front gate of TISS Mumbai as students enter the 7th day of the strike

Progressive Students Federation Pakistan Stands in Solidarity With the Students of TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) Over Cancellation of Aid for SC, ST, OBC Students

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