Declare Kerala flood as national disaster: Students, activists protest in Delhi

Despite the catastrophic flood that put the entire state into havoc raising death tolls to 300,and still increasing ,and 2 Lakh evacuated to relief camps, the central government remains callous to the help request from the state.The estimated losses for the state is estimated to be above nineteen thousand crores which will escalate further by the time floods subside .BJP government has responded to the states request of 2000 crores with an amount of just 500 crore. The mainstream national media has maintained a criminal stature of selective amnesia on a calamity unprecedent in any time near .

Meanwhile , in the universities across the country ,student community has started to raise their voices against the stance of the central government in the issue. The students of IIT Mumbai and Hyderabad Central University has organised protest march in their respective campuses .

In the national capital of Delhi ,JNU students union has called out a march infront of home ministry happening today.NSUI Delhi universty has organised a human chain in solidarity with kerala,to garner the national attention on the issue.

Student fraternities across various universties in Delhi has decided to march from kerala house to central ministries at 5.30 pm today.Human right organisations including ‘ United Against Hate’, BAPSA and  NCHRO has decided to join the program.

The student unions of central universities have released statements expressing solidarity with the people of Kerala and condemning the failure of the central government’s mechanism for timely intervention.

They are also collecting money and stationary goods to be sent to the relief camps where thousands of rescued people are stationed.

” Despite the gravity of the situation, stories of dead bodies floating in water coming out, we are told by media reports that the available army-navy troops decided to suspend rescue operations till 6 am tomorrow, leave alone further redeployment. To wait anymore will be a mistake resulting in tragedy of monumental proportions, and hence we decided to come together and openly express our anguish to the nation,” said a joint statement by the students of UoH and IIT Bombay

Compiled by Nazeel Shafeeq

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