‘Unity of the oppressed’. MSF and SIO appeal students to vote BAPSA in JNUSU election

Muslim Students Federation (MSF), the student wing of Indian Union Muslim League and Students Islamic Organisation (SIO), the student body of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind appealed the student community to support, vote and elect Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Association (BAPSA)  candidates in the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union election 2018-19. 

Vote for Alternate Political Imaginations. SIO supports BAPSA

“SIO understands and acknowledges the strong political presence of BAPSA in this campus. Not just as a political group, but the impact bapsa produced in jnu is to such an extend that even the left is now forced to rethink of their slogans. BAPSA, a key force in the fight for social justice, should be given a strong and relentless support from the student community and BAPSA’s victory should strengthen various alternate political imaginations.” said in a pamphlet published by SIO JNU unit on Wednesday.

“JNU, being known as the left-liberal republic, always carries this dilemma in its underbelly and pushes it out whenever the adequate occasion comes, as could be seen in the recent debates regarding raising the ‘In Sha Allah’ slogan in the public space. The left in JNU could easily equate it with the slogans of right-wing assertion without even attempting to understand the socio-political location from which it comes. SIO strongly wishes to problematize the secular assumption that religion in its any form in public is regressive, and wants to engage deeply with this problematic assumption. SIO, talking from the platform of Islam wishes to place Islam in this debate with the idea of secular and see how faulty the secular assumption is.

In the contemporary situation, where religious, regional and anti-caste identities attain such a political force, it is sad and unfortunate to see that the left liberals fail to notice it, leave alone the case of right-wing forces. This very lack of a political understanding forces one to deny and avoid the claims of the left unity formed here. If they fail to understand that fascism and Brahmanism cannot be fought with mere rhetoric, they are also at bigger fault in accusing various Muslim, Dalit and Adivasi assertions as ‘sectarian’. SIO along with this larger collective of various socio-political groups understands this union election as an occasion to raise again the slogans celebrating the significance of such an assertive politics.” SIO Pamphlet said.

Unity of the oppressed. MSF extends support to the Dalit Bahujan party

“Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis are systematically marginalized and objectified to the brahmanical oppression and fascist agendas of the current regime. Only the collective struggle of these sections can ensure the defeat of the politics of hatred and discrimination spread by right-wing forces. MSF has been active in the campus for a couple of years to stand for the values it upholds and supported BAPSA in previous elections. MSF played its part in the struggles for the Najeeb and other issues in the campus.  MSF categorically supports the idea of oppressed unity “, said in a pamphlet published by MSF un JNU unit.

”After the BJP led government came to power in 2014, the peaceful existence of Muslims, Dalits and other minorities is under threat. Repeated lynching in the name of cow, riots, fake encounters, spreading hatred, fabricated cases on love Jihad, witch-hunting of Muslim youth, forced disappearances, increase of hate crimes have created an atmosphere of insecurity, fear and otherness and it has to be fought together to reclaim the communal harmony and secular fabric of India.”

‘Don’t get caught in the banner of left and right politics.’

Questioning the Left wings and right wings, BAPSA presidential candidate Thallapelli Praveen said that BAPSA believes in keeping politics away from the left and right banner.

“The Left parties say that BAPSA should not be voted for otherwise ABVP will come. ABVP is alive and among us and that is the contribution of Left politics on campus. Just don’t get caught in the banner of left and right politics and work for the oppressed,” Praveen said.

The polling for JNUSU is scheduled for September 14. The main contenders are the BAPSA, the Left Unity, the Congress-affiliated National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) and the hindutva right-wing ABVP. Four independent candidates are also contesting the polls.

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