Constructing Hindu idols inside the campus. Pondicherry University students protest saffronization

The statement issued by Ambedkar Students Association, Pondicherry University against saffronization in PU

The Pondicherry University administration has once again made their stand clear by publicly endorsing the ideals of Hinduism and showing their attitude towards saffronization of educational institutions. We are living in a fascist era where the academicians, activists, writers, students are being threatened and attacked by the saffron biased state machinery. There is no space for dissent in this so-called ‘Democratic’ nation. The state governed by the principles of Hindutva is selectively targeting and oppressing Dalits, Muslims, Human rights activists, and all others who stood for dissent voices. The Pondicherry University administration, which is always known for its pro-Brahmanic attitude is now constructing space for Hindutva by placing hoardings of Hindu principles inside the campus.

This is a constitutional violation against the article 28(1) which clearly states that “no religious instruction shall be imparted in any educational institutions wholly maintained out of state funds”. The University also has been promoting and permitting several Hindu festivals and celebrations inside the campus premises. The administration actually destructs the concept of ‘secularism’ insisted in the constitution of India by becoming inclined towards a specific religion and promoting their political philosophy.

Recently there were some initiations by the University administration to make the campus ‘apolitical’ through an ‘undeclared’ curfew after 6.00pm. These are some of the few instances which clearly points out where the university administration is moving to.

In this regard, the Ambedkar Students’ Association of Pondicherry University highly condemns the act of University administration that endorses religious ideals and thereby violating the article 28(1) of the Indian Constitution. And we also urge the support of student’s community of Pondicherry University to resist these non-secular attitudes of the responsible authorities and saffronization inside the campus.

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  1. Manish Mahapatra | September 15, 2018 at 4:58 pm | Reply

    It’s shameful to target one religion….. In fact you are most communal as all your actions are anti Hindu. Pondicherry University is a unique campus where people from all religion and faith co-exist peacefully with love and affection. You are targeting Hindu festivals but why there is no question on Christmas celebrations? You are targeting quotes of Aurobindo, why there is no question on a Chair for Christian studies?
    We believe all festivals of all religions should be celebrated to promote love.

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