Kerala Muslim youth finally gets bail after three years in jail in Bangalore Bomb Blast case

The Kerala High Court on Monday granted bail to Taslim, a native of Kannur city, who was accused on charges of attempting to influence witnesses in the Bangalore blast case.

The court granted bail to the accused, citing the reason that  the trial was not commenced even after three years.

Human rights activists and organizations had organized various programs demanding the release of Taslim and alleging that the cases against him was fake.

Tasleem’s brother Sharafuddin is in police custody in relation to  Bangalore blast case for more than six years.

Taslim was welcomed by his family and Solidarity Youth Movement leaders.

Taslimi is accused of threatening the witness. However, it is not yet clear who was the witness   threatened by Taslim. His brother Sharafuddin did not have any significant witnesses. Taslim is not a  person with the power and ability to threaten any witness. His arrest raised protests, including  a letter signed by  KN Panicker and other activists. Different organizations had organized events in protest against Taslim’s arrest. Also,  an investigating team led by PA Achan and documentary director KP Sasi have investigated and prepared report on the same.

Taslim, son of Abdurahiman was  34 at the time of his arrest. According to the Report of the People’s Civil rights forum,  Taslim was wronged by the state.

He was taken into custody from his scooter shop  on Monday November 7th, 2015. Taslim was taken to Ernakulam on 17th. Taslim has a wife and his son was an year old at the time.

The report quotes  statments that the new arrests are attempts to subdue the case involving Madani.
This is part of a series of prosecution proceedings under Section 173 (8) of the Criminal Procedure Code (RTI) Act, which is followed by attempts to extend the case indefinitely  under UAPA.

Abdul Hakum Siraj, a 44-year-old partner of the hamood auto workshop at Taslim’s has  only good things to speak about Taslim, who has worked in the workshop with him for four years together.

Taslim’s mother died two years ago in the mental trauma following Sharafuddin’s arrest. Sharafuddin, who suffered a stroke earlier in prison, got his medicines through Taslim.

The state has been trying to create a terrible political situation severe than an emergency through of the utilization of the terror code of the UAPA. The state agent, the police, is used to silence the voices against the fascist corporateization of the state. Stated the report.

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