Hanan’s Viral Fish Mall open for business

Hanan, the Kochi student, who became a rage on social media by selling fish in her college uniform, has come up with an online fish selling platform to support herself. Commenting on her new venture, Hanan said, “I attained all this fortune because my story went viral on social media. I am thankful to all those who made me viral, both in positive and negative ways. My name is familiar even to the children in Kerala because of the love and support offered by netizens.” Hanan had suffered a nasty injury in a car accident on September 2 and now back on her feet.

Hanan announced her online fish-selling website called ‘Viral Fish Mall’ on Wednesday. Hanan has purchased a vehicle and hired a driver-cum-delivery boy to carry out her business. Kochi natives can visit the website, choose the type and quantity of fish they want and place their order for the day. Door delivery will be carried out during fixed hours, … ‘Hodo,’ a Kochi-based web-designing collective helped Hanan with the technical and legal aspects of her e-business. “Hodo has promised to design a suitable logo, block the domains and carry out legal registration process,” Hanan said. Hanan became famous for her efforts to earn a livelihood in order to support her support her studies and family. Her story of self-reliance and enthusiasm inspired several college students of Kerala to take up a part-time profession and support themselves. “I envisage this in the style UberEats or Swiggy follow. I can’t forget my difficult times. I know many students would come up enthusiastically if someone offers them a secure platform for a part-time job. This would be the second phase of my project implementation. First, let me start it on my own and start gaining profit from it. I want the support of all Kochiites for my success.

Initially, Hanan had plans to open a fish outlet at Thammanam, Kochi. Later, she lost the room she hired owing to some property dispute between its owners. But, Hanan’s fish van is all set to race through Thammanam junction for an hour or two in the evening once her business starts functioning.


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