‘From Palestine to Kashmir, End occupation.’ Protest in New York

Hundreds of people including Kashmiris and Palestinians in the New York protested near the Consulate General of India against the abrogation of the special status for Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday.

The Protest outside the Indian consulate in NYC called it “India’s brazen occupation of Kashmir”

​”His [Modi’s] foreign imposition of Indian ​n​ationalism on a people and land who have long fought for their national autonomy is a denial of the right to self-determination – as much as the Zionist state’s actions are a denial of our right to self-determination to reclaim our homeland as Palestinians. We firmly stand with the people of Kashmir and their struggle for liberation, as they continue to bravely resist occupation on their land. From Kashmir to Palestine – occupation is a crime​,” Zachariah Barghouti, representative of Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) said.


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