13 films to watch on Kashmir

Kashmir has been a host to a lot of films, especially from the Indian film industry. After the armed uprising in 1989, the themes ranged from Islamophobia to creating state promoted narratives on Kashmir. Young filmmakers in Kashmir are increasingly ensuring that their angry and disenfranchised voices are heard through a series of short films and documentaries. It becomes important to understand the Kashmiri narratives through the films.

Kashmir – Inside A Friday Protest – Part 1&2 | CHASE Ep. 6 (2016)

This film explores chaos during Friday protests in Kashmir when police and stone pelters collide in a brutal scene. Directors: Sahil Ali and Avalok Langer

Here Still (2019)

A raw, honest document about the human rights abuses in Kashmir and activists aim to expose it. Directors: Tara Dorabji and Jamie DeWolf.

Take it in Blood (2013)

Rana Ghose brings together two generations of the Kashmiri conflict, Roushan Illahi, a Koshur rapper and Parveena Ahanger (founder of APDP). Directors: Rana Ghose and Baba Tamim

Kashmir: Born to Fight (2017)

Kashmir is the most militarised zone in the world. Are India’s unjust practices creating a new generation of fighters and leaders? On Al Jazeera English 101 East.

Till Then the Roads Carry Her (2015)

The unique film explores the role of Kashmiri women in the resistance- a narrative often underminded. Director: Uzma Falak Mehraj

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Soz A Ballad of Melodies

Survival and Freedom- Kashmiri artists interpret these ideas through poetry, music and painting and use them as forms of resistance. Directors: Tushar Madhav and Sarvink Kaur

Kashmir’s Torture Trial (2012)

Kashmir- a land condemned to bloodshed for decades. Director Jezza Neumann films the atrocities undercover in this document for Channel 4

Where Have You Hidden My New Moon Crescent? (2013)

Koshur Mughal Mase has been searching for her missing son since 1990. Directed by Iffat Fatima, this film explores memory and healing.

Kashmir: Fault Lines in the Valley (2019)

Daily humiliations by the Indian Army constantly pushes some Kashmiris to militancy. Created by TRT World

Invisible Kashmir – The Other Side of Jannat (2005)

Kashmiri children live in a cruel environment which damages their life and future. How deeply is their stability and mental health affected? Directors: Dilnaz Boga and Aliefya Vahanvaty

Khoon Diy Baarav (Blood Leaves its Trail) (2015)

Filmed over nine years, this documentary enters the lives of families of victims of enforced disappearance. Director: Iffat Faima

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In the Shade of Fallen Chinar (2016)

This short showcases the resistance art that Kashmir University students create. Directors: Fazil Nc and Shawn Sebastian.

Jashan e Azadi-How We Celebrate Freedom (2007)

In the 20-year Kashmiri conflict, 100,000 have died. 8,000,000 Indian troops are stationed in Kashmir.When will the violence end? Director: Sanjay Kak

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