Babri verdict is not an act of justice to Muslims

Photo courtesy to Thol Thirumavalavan

Thol. Thirumaavalavan

The Supreme Court verdict in the Babri Masjid- Ram janmabhoomi case that has reigned supremacy over Indian politics for more than three centuries and which has engulfed more than 2500 innocent lives is terribly shocking. It is very essential to stay calm until justice is done duly in the review petition to be filed.

In the case claiming title of the demolished Babri Masjid site, the Allahabad High Court delivered its judgement in 2010. The SC has today pronounced  its verdict  in the appeal against this Allahabad high court judgement. The verdict in the appeal delivered by the five member  bench  does not reveal the name of the judge who authored the judgement on behalf of the bench. This is an unprecedented act in the history of Indian judiciary. If the judges had considered this as a genuine Landmark verdict, the authored judge would have claimed. The omission of the name of the authored judge leads to doubt that even the judges did not believe in the genuineness of the  verdict.

The SC confirmation that secularism is the fundamental of the Indian Constitution could be welcomed. Placing Ram idol inside the Babri masjid in 1949 and demolition of Babri masjid in 1992, year, pointing out that both these acts are unlawful by the judges is appreciated.

The verdict says that there is no substantial evidence to prove that the Babri masjid was constructed after demolishing Ram temple. This establishes that the Muslims, one of the parties in the case have not indulged in any unlawful act. On the other hand placing the Ram idol  in the Babri masjid and demolishing the Babri masjid are described as unlawful acts by this verdict. But saying this the SC has generously offered the site to the offenders. The legality of the approach of SC is questionable.

In 2010 the Allahabad high court had divided the litigant site of 2.77 acre extent into three portions. It offered one portion to Muslims and two to Hindus. This was seen as injustice and in true faith that the SC would render justice the appeal was filed. Now even that one portion is denied by the SC.

The SC had constituted a committee to resolve this issue by talks. This committee had submitted it’s recommendations to the SC in a sealed cover. It was only after this submission that the SC commenced its final hearing. The text and tone of this verdict gives an impression that only this recommendations have transformed. This verdict is not pronounced in line with law, it would be right to say this as a compromise settlement done fearing law and order issues.

At a juncture when all the organs of government machinery are disfigured and in bits and pieces the people of this country are looking up to the SC as their protective shield. This verdict has now shattered this faith on SC. Let’s hope that due  justice would be rendered in the review petition to be filed. Let’s stay calm and wait without falling prey into any provocation, to safeguard religious and social harmony.

Thol. Thirumavalavan is a politician and Tamil activist, Member of Parliament in 15th Lok Sabha and the current President of the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi party in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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