AMU updates: Police uses brute force on Aligarh University students

Students of Aligarh Muslim University protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act were attacked severely by police at a campus gate after which police used batons and tear gas to disperse them.

Soon after the police brutality on students of Jamia Millia University in Delhi, the students started gathering at the Babey Sir Syed Gate and shouted slogans against the law and police action on Jamia students.

Police enters Campus, uses brute force on students

Videos received from students and teachers show police brutality in the Aligarh Muslim University campus.

Fire tenders followed inside the campus. Police violence is being reported from inside the campus, AMU registrar Abdul Hamid told PTI. The hostel is being evacuated, he said.

Police fire on students

“The police in AMU is allegedly setting hostel rooms on fire. It insists that all hostels must be vacated tonight. I have been sent a visual but will not share. I cannot believe what is happening. I just cannot,” professor Ayesha Kidwai said.

NDTV confirms that students are being bussed out of hostels and the police is not accepting the administration’s suggestion that the hostels being evacuated.

In total more than 80 students were reportedly injured and between 10 and 15 people have been detained.

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