‘The answer lies in my identity’. Kashmiri students’ rooms targeted by ABVP at JNU

“I want to know one thing. Why was my room vandalised beyond repair, does the answer lie in my identity of being a Muslim from Jammu and Kashmir,” Mohd Jalil Iqbal Khaki, a research scholar at JNU claims he was targeted and attacked by ABVP mob because of his Kashmiri Muslim identity.

Many students including Jalil Iqbal expressed fear over targeted attack towards Kashmiri and Muslim students following a violence broke out by masked ABVP mob inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) on Sunday night.

“Since 2014 till today, JNU is my address and never ever have I been so traumatised and terrorised. The violence that was unleashed upon me and my friends were something that I can not describe in words,” Jalil Iqbal shares his traumatic experience.

“This sort of vandalism was not possible without the help of insiders; the insiders whom I considered my friends, the insiders whom I considered my brothers, the insiders with whom I shared my joys and sorrows,” he added.

Jalil Iqbal also said he is worried about his existence now. “With whatever happened yesterday, I have little strength left for resistance; I am worried about my existence now,” he concluded his note on Facebook.

Assailants targeted specific rooms — ones that belonged either to a Kashmiri or a Muslim student, The Print report says.

“All rooms that were vandalised from inside were of Muslim students. They deliberately targeted Kashmiri and Indian Muslim students,” Afreen Fathima, the Councillor at JNU Students’ Union said.

“Many rooms were vandalised yesterday, but these rooms were targeted; the reason is that these people are from Jammu and Kashmir. The person to whom this room belongs made way too many distress calls to the wardens, but no avail,” Rimpi Borah, a research student at JNU wrote on Facebook.

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