Khureji, Turkman gate, Ghonda, Seelampur… Dharnas sprout across Delhi

Elderly women in Khureji protest raising slogans against CAA Photo: Shakeeb KPA

Erupted from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi has become a popular ground for Anti CAA protest with new sit-in sites across the capital city. A month after Shaheen Bagh, a sensational symbol of resistance, about four other new sites of indefinite sit-in against controversial citizenship Act have sprouted in Muslim dominated areas.

Khureji in East Delhi is stretching their tent to accommodate the huge turn up every day. Located next to a petrol pump, Khureji also follows the patterns of Shaheen Bagh with women in front and men facilitating the group. Khureji witnessed a late-night crackdown on Tuesday.

Aysha Renna, the fame of Jamia protest addressing the Seelampur. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla

Delhi Police tried to remove the protestors by intimidation and uprooting the tent. After some resistance from the locals, the police left. United Against Hate and other social activists are working to coordinate the protest. Khalid Saifi, one of the organizer said that the will of the people is above all threats.

“My father is getting calls to not let me come to protest and lead, but I will not step back, ” says one of the anchor at Khureji

Baby volunteer in Khuraji protest. Photo: Shakeeb KPA

People of Seelampur and Jaffrabad has been desperate since the brutal police attack last month to organise and protest. initiated by women, their efforts to organise indefinite sit-in finally worked out on Thursday with hundreds of people occupied the street.

Families attending Seelampur protest wrapped in Indian flag. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla

Delhi based feminist movement, Pinjratod, is helping the women to coordinate with civil groups to mobilize and draw media attention to Jaffrabad protest. ” As we are on the outskirts of Delhi, we are more vulnerable to both police and right-wing attack,” an organiser told Maktoob.

Protesters at Turkman Gate demanding the release of detainees on Thursday. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla

The fresh protest started at Turkman Gate in the walled City was immediately struck down by forces on Thursday morning. But many in solidarity with the injured arrived later that afternoon to pressure the police to release the detainees. Nine protestors were released by evening, who got a heroic reception at the new protest site in the narrow lines of Turkman gate.

Ghonda in the northeast of the capital city is brewing up as a new protest site with children leading in front. The small crowd is struggling to fight like any other but may are paranoid with police constantly threatening, says Sadat Hussain.

With protest showing no sign of melting down, lieutenant governor of Delhi passed the order authorising police to place the city under the National Security Act (NSA) for three months. The Act allows police to detain a person for months if it feels that he/ she is a threat to national security. The individual also need not be informed of the charges for 10 days.

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