Protesters in Shah Jamal brave ban and threats, UP Police files unnamed FIR

Women resisting police from entering the protest site in Shah Jamal, Aligarh Photo: Shaheen Abdulla

In a crackdown on anti-CAA protesters on Thursday evening, Uttar Pradesh Police detained Shaheen Abdulla near the Eidgah at Shah Jamal while he was reporting the ongoing protest by women. Shaheen was later let off by the police at Delhi Gate Police Station when women protesters of Shah Jamal and Aligarh Muslim University students started gathering at the police station. Shaheen reports Shah Jamal protest.

After many failed attempts to remove the anti-CAA protesters at Shah Jamal Eid Gah in Aligarh on Thursday, Uttar Pradesh Police register FIR against at least 150 unnamed people.

ANI on Friday reported that Students of Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia are also included in the list.

The protest had been permitted by the Aligarh district administration till Wednesday, however, the protests continued on Thursday despite Section 144 being imposed. Police claim section 144, which bans public assembly of more than four people, was imposed in the protesting area.

Hundreds of Muslim women have been protesting against ‘anti-Muslim’ citizenship law in Shah Jamal since a week braving police threats.

Additional District Magistrate (City), Rakesh Kumar Malpani, said additional police force has been deployed at Shah Jamal.

“They come with guns every day, we are just women and children protesting peacefully,” one of the protesters told Maktoob.

On Thursday, protesting women resisted police from entering the protest site.

Earlier in a police crackdown against the Aligarh Muslim University’s protesting students, the district police had booked more than 1000 students during the police violence witnessed on December 15.

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