UP police interrogate student activist’s family over AMU protest against CAA

Sharjeel Usmani

The Uttar Pradesh police visited and interrogated the family of student activist and former student of Aligarh Muslim University, Sharjeel Usmani on Saturday.

Sharjeel’s house in Aligarh was raided by more than 25 policemen after midnight (around at 1:30 AM on Saturday).

“I was not at home during the police raid. The police questioned my family during the raid at midnight,” Sharjeel said.

Sharjeel’s father was called to the nearest police station on Saturday morning and Police has asked his father to tell him to stop taking part in the Anti-CAA protests, he said.

Uttar Pradesh Police registered FIR against Sharjeel in his involvement in the agitation led by students of Aligarh Muslim University against CAA and police crackdown at Jamia Millia Islamia on 15th December last year.

Crime Branch officials visited Sharjeel’s house last week and pasted a Criminal Notice on the wall of his house.

“Therefore, within three days of receiving this notice, you’ve to present your testimony to me, in my office. Upon failing to do so, it would be assumed that you have accepted all the charges,” the notice reads.

I have replied to the notice in due time, Sharjeel said.

Sharjeel who is one the national secretaries of Fraternity Movement, has been actively participating in the anti-CAA protests over the last weeks.

“Police is trying to intimidate all the activists who are leading the Anti-CAA movement. Raiding into my house without any warrant at midnight only proves that state is trying to bully my family,” Sharjeel told Maktoob.

“Amma (mother) has explicitly told me that I should not get caught by police until this fight is over. She has asked me not to be afraid..said.. I can only when I am not in jail,” former student at Aligarh Muslim University added.

Aligarh Muslim University students condemn police for intimidating the family of Sharjeel Usmani, president of AMU Students’ Union Mohammad Salman Imtiaz said in a facebook post.

“Police is targeting Sharjeel Usmani. They filed false cases against him and raided his house last midnight. Sharjeel is the leader of anti CAA NRC protests. Police is wrong to think that they can suppress this movement by targeting our leaders,” Waseem R.S, student activist at JNU and national secretary of Fraternity Movement said.

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