Tensions rise in AMU after students form roadblock

Students made barricades to separate themselves from police Photo: Adhil Ali

Students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) started an indefinite sit-in on Purani Chungi road demanding the release of former AMU student Mujtaba Faraz. Mujtaba along with three two other students was detained for ‘disrupting’ the Republic Day programme attended by Vice-Chancellor Tariq Mansoor. Tensions rise as hundreds of students are protesting even with heavy deploy of riot police.

The students Mujtaba Faraz, Tahir Azmi and Siddharth Gulati were detained by the university proctors and later handed over to the U.P Police. Subsequently, students had blocked the Proctor’s Office and demanded to release the students detained.

“The demand of students was ignored by the administration,” students told Maktoob.

As the students were not released by evening, a multitude of students marched along the University Road and went on to block the Chungi road which connects between Aligarh city and Jamalpur.

Due to students’ protest, Police released two detainees but Mujtaba Faraz, one of the lead figure in the CAA protest, was taken into custody. Students urged that unless the police release Mujtaba they would not remove the blockade. U.P Police along with RAF in large numbers has been deployed at the site.

AMU survived a massive crackdown on last month on December 15 night, the same night police entered Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi. Students hold VC Tariq Mansoor responsible for the crackdown. Classes are boycotted by students demanding the resignation of VC and registrar.

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