Anti-Muslim violence in Delhi: Ishtiyaq shot dead by Hindutva extremists

Seraj Ali and Shaheen Abdulla reports

Many Muslims have been injured in the violence led by the Hindu right-wing mob in northeast Delhi on Tuesday.

Families have been arriving through the day at the GTB Nagar Hospital, as anti-Muslim violence in the capital continues. As of 8:15 PM, reports suggest that there are 11 bodies in the hospital along with more than 70 cases of injury.

Mohammad Ishtiyaq, a resident in Kabir Nagar, was shot and killed as he came out of his home earlier in the day. His family arrived at the hospital, but with bruises and injuries of their own.

“They stopped our car at Meeth Nagar and dragged us out,” says Akhtar Khan, his voice choking. “Grabbing my beard, they beat us up mercilessly with sticks,” he says.

Khan was accompanied by his 18-year old son, Bilal, who received injuries in the head. It was only when a police car arrived that the two were left by the attackers.

Khan commented ‘They would have killed us if the cops hadn’t come.’

These attacks, which can only be classified as attempts to lynch members of the Muslim community, have been picking up pace since yesterday. Reports of mob violence in the Chand bagh area have been widely reported.

The situation is unfolding as India hosts the US President Donald Trump, who remarked earlier, that the Prime Minister of India was ‘working hard for the religious freedom’ of people in the country.

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