At Delhi’s Shiv Vihar, Hindu family protect Muslims from Hindutva mob violence

Muslim families who were hiding in houses of Hindu families at Delhi’s Shiv Vihar to save themselves from anti-Muslim violence of the Hindutva mob since Tuesday were rescued and admitted to Hospitals in the northeast Delhi.

Maktoob met a family who was protected by their Hindu neighbor from Hindutva mob violence. Asif’s family was rescued from Shiv Vihar on Wednesday night by a group of students. Their house was torched. They were hiding in a Hindu family’s house for the past two days. Hindutva mobs have attacked the house once they came to know Muslims were hidden in the house. They had a narrow escape.

Rescuers say the insufficiency of forces delays help for affected families.

Shaheen Abdulla and Shakeeb KPA report:

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