Go and Kill’ favourite slogan of BJP, says advocate Gonsalves

Delhi HC grants Centre 4 weeks time to file reply The Delhi High Court, hearing a petition on hate speeches of BJP and RSS leaders which instigate the anti-Muslim violence in Delhi, gave the Centre four weeks’ time to file its reply.

The High Court also allowed the Ministry of Home Affairs to be impleaded as a party in the case. The court adjourned the hearing for four weeks. The matter is set to be heard on 13 April.

“10 to 12 people are dying everyday. A closer date would be appreciated,” said counsel for the petitioner Colin Gonsalves in his concluding arguments

Gonsalves also told the Delhi High court that ‘Go and Kill’ has become the favourite slogan of a particular political party, taking a dig at the ruling BJP.

“These attackers are also participating in the rallies held by these political leaders. You can have strong protests and society can remain peaceful. However, these slogans disrupted everything. People were asked to go and kill.” he said.

Gonsalves dubbed it as the “most evil thing” and alleged that that party was preaching hatred which resulted in multiple deaths.

He said, “These videos of hate speech have been watched by everyone in the country. If these hate speeches have resulted in murder, these leaders should be booked for murder, and not just for making hate speeches. These persons are very highly placed leaders in the ruling party. If they can say such things, what can we expect from ordinary people.”

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