In photos: books, benches and dreams burnt to ashes

Thousands of paper sheets cover the road in front of two neighbouring schools in the mouth of Brijpuri road. its windows broken, benches burnt and furniture heckled. DRP Convent secondary school and Rajdhani public school, separated by a wall with beautiful graffitis on both ends suffered heavy loss in the worst carnage in the capital city of India.

Terrace of Rajdhani public school, a three-story building became a convenient and strategic location to unleash violence by dropping petrol bombs, firing guns and pelting bricks. containers of bricks and unused petrol bombs and gun cartridges are seen on the terrace. rioters used ropes from Rajdhani school building to slide down to the DRP school as its gates were locked.

The hit on schools will impact more than 3000 students from all three schools. All schools are shut down indefinitely as the government hasn’t announced any scheme that includes repair and reconstruction of these schools.

Maktoob photographers take you to the visuals of rubbles and charred remains.

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