Delhi violence: HC directs Govt. to set up additional relief camps

Tent in Mustafabad Eidgah relief camp collapsed during the hailstorm. Photo: Maktoob

Delhi High Court directs the government to set up four additional relief camps in northeast Delhi to provide shelter and aid to victims of Delhi anti-Muslim violence.

In the Writ Petition filed by Shaikh Mujtaba Farooq, the High Court bench gave detailed directions to upgrade the camp facilities and provide security to the people.

The bench asked authorities to provide more toilets, Sanitation facilities and more beds to inmates who struggle to shelter themselves in the camp. Ambulances and fire engines should be stationed for emergencies.

The current camp in Mustafabad Eidgah, set up by a group of organizations after the violence was immediately filled by hundreds of families who fleed from worst-hit areas. Overcrowded tents and lack of sufficient facilities made it difficult for inmates. Frequent rain and hailstorm destroyed many tents adding burden to the overcrowded camp.

The court also directed to protect families in case they want to go back to their homes or go to collect their belongings. Senior lawyer Collin Gonsalves and his associates appeared for Mujtaba Farooq. Justice Siddharth Mirdul and Justice Talwant Singh gave the directions to Union of India, GNCT Delhi, and MCD.

The matter would be taken up before the regular bench on 24 March 2020.

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