Photostory: In the empty streets, essentials and homeless remain

Maya and her daughter Raki sweeping the escalator to subway near Connaught place amidst lockdown. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla/Maktoob

Maya and her daughter Raki is still on the street brushing off the fallen leaves. Both wear a mask, imitating the new face of the world. Maya and Raki along with other ‘essentials’ roam in the empty streets of lockdown Delhi. They don’t know if they are needed with no directions from authorities. “Can’t afford to lose our job,” Maya justifies her reason to come out. 

A man covers his face with Jacket in corona scare. Experts fear unavailability of mask and hand sanitizers which could prevent the spread of the virus could make a large group of people at risk. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla/ Maktoob

Delhi joined the world’s fight to contain the Corona spread on Monday by sealing off the borders and imposing 144, a ban on public gathering and civilian movement. Immediate suspension of Flights and Trains made people strangled in the capital city as many fear lockdown may continue for a while.  

Commuters waiting for DTC bus in the capital city. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla/Maktoob

Criticized for the cold feet response to the global pandemic, India since Sunday is pushing up the measures to control Corona in the territory. With more than 400 cases and nine death, India along with other South Asian countries are warned to be most vulnerable during an outbreak.

A father helps his boy to cover the face with handkerchief due to corona scare. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla/Maktoob

“The poor in the city has no place to go,” Ashraf, a bel puri seller waits for customers at deserted Connaught place, a major commercial hub in Delhi. Na Khanekeliye Na Kiranekeliye, (No food, No rent) he jokes at his situation joined by other street vendors who are clueless about how to deal with the situation. 

Ashraf who hails from Uttar Pradesh lives on daily income from selling Bhelpuri in Cannought place. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla/Maktoob

The sudden declaration of suspension of interstate transportation along with trains made it misery for daily wage workers to leave for home overnight. The panics of the shutdown is shared by everyone who spoke with Maktoob.

A group of homeless children plays in deserted walkways of Connaught place. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla/Maktoob

Many who wants to flee the city stands apart to maintain a safe distance at the bus stop. A few DTC buses are the last resort of public transportation in the city. Airport buses are jampacked with passengers hesitant but helpless. Elderly without assistance ask around for bus routes to get to safe places. Nobody knows which all buses are available, everyone waits with masks.

Chandrakantha mother of six is one among the hundreds of sweepers who are still on the street. Photo: Shaheen/Maktoob

Chandrakantha who lives in Gole market says she got five children and two grandchildren to feed. The mask was given to her long back, she thinks it can save her from the pandemic. “The leaves are all over the place. I came yesterday also” says the women in forties cleaning the ring road.

A food Deliveryman on his ride on Monday, the first day of lockdown in Delhi. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla/ Maktoob

Shortage of Mask and sanitation along with lack of awareness may lead to ramp up in the local corona transmission. even though the World health organisation have given guidelines to conduct more test. India concentrates on people with foreign travel history.

Swiggy Delivery boys wait for orders. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla/Maktoob

Delivery boys are saviours for many businesses as government direction allows food and grocery deliveries to maintain supplies to people during the lockdown.

Media persons are allowed to leave the house and report as it is listed in essentials. Photo: Shaheen Abdulla/Maktoob

” Financial aids and schemes to support underprivileged should be announced immediately,” says Shafaf Murad, a student of Human rights in Jamia Millia Islamia.

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