And people stayed home

(AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

The poem ‘ And people stayed home’ is written by Kathleen O’Meara in 1869 – about 10 years after the famine. Kathleen O’Meara, also known under her pen name Grace Ramsay (1839 – 10 November 1888), was an Irish-French Catholic writer and biographer during the late Victorian era.

And people stayed home
and read books and listened
and rested and exercised
and made art and played
and learned new ways of being,
and stopped
and listened deeper.
someone meditated
someone prayed
someone danced
someone met their shadow
and people began to think differently
and people healed
and in the absence of people who lived in ignorant ways,
dangerous, meaningless and heartless,
even the earth began to heal
and when the danger ended
and people found each other
grieved for the dead people
and they made new choices
and dreamed of new visions
and created new ways of life
and healed the earth completely
just as they were healed themselves.

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