PM picked date on eve of BJP foundation day for candlelight vigil: Kumaraswamy

Ahead of Narendra Modi’s ‘lights-off’ exercise on Sunday at 9 pm, Former Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy challenged the prime minister to provide a “credible scientific and rational” explanation for opting 5 April to observe the candlelight vigil.

Kumaraswamy, in a series of tweets, alleged that Modi has “slyly” asked the nation to observe the candlelight vigil on the eve of BJP’s foundation day (6 April).

“The government is yet to provide PPEs for doctors and make testing kits affordable for the common man. Without telling the nation what concrete steps are being taken to combat COVID-19 menace, the prime minister is giving meaningless tasks to an already exhausted population,” tweeted Kumaraswamy. 

Dubbing Modi’s campaign as BJP’s “hidden agenda”,  Kumaraswamy said, “It is shameful to convert the national crisis into an event of self aggrandisement and it is beyond shameful to push the hidden agenda of his party in the face of global calamity. May sense prevail upon the PM.” 

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