Priyanka Gandhi urges govt to increase COVID-19 tests

Photo: Twitter

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi took to Twitter to raise the importance of ramping the rate of testing for the novel coronavirus in India. “Testing not only helps us to identify the infected, it gives valuable information on the severity of the infection, disease clusters and areas that need to be immediately isolated,” said Priyanka.

“Looking at data the rate of testing in India is nowhere it should be. The next two weeks will determine our future. If testing is not exponentially ramped up we will lose precious time to save lives,” she added.

She used the hashtag “TestMoreSaveIndia” along with her tweet.

Congress has been calling for more testing, saying India’s testing has been the lowest in the world, going by its population.

“To fight COVID-19, there is no alternative to constant and reliable testing. Our doctors, nurses, & health workers need all the support. Personal Protection Equipment such as hazmat suits, N-95 masks must be provided to them on a war footing”, said Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi last week.

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