For death of migrants, BJP govt is responsible: Akhilesh Yadav

Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday said both the Union and Uttar Pradesh governments have failed to tackle the coronavirus crisis due to their “short-sightedness and impractical decisions”

He also accused BJP government of the plight of migrant laborers by saying that the BJP government is the responsible for the death of migrants.

“The BJP governments, both in state and the Centre, have failed to deal with the coronavirus crisis due to their short-sightedness and impractical decisions. Instead of taking positive and concrete steps, decisions are being taken only to mislead people,” former UP chief minister said in a statement.

“Despite long lockdown, the danger is increasing. Due to the migration and unemployment of labourers, the problem continues to increase. The government’s apathetic attitude towards them is claiming their lives,” Yadav added.

The SP chief said that The visuals showing a woman and youth drawing a bullock cart in Indore and a woman carrying her child on her luggage trolley in Agra are disturbing.

“Why can’t the poor travel in Vande Bharat mission planes?” he asked, adding for the government “flying so high that one cannot see the ground reality, is not appropriate”.

“For this situation and death of migrants, the BJP government is responsible. While the rich are being brought in airplane, the poor have been left to die on roads. Why has the government got such insensitive attitude?” he asked.

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