His mother died of extreme heat, hunger, and dehydration

A video of a toddler trying to wake up his dead mother at the Muzaffarpur railway station in Bihar was widely shared on social media on Wednesday, is the latest visual to emerge from the humanitarian crisis of millions of migrant workers affected by the unplanned lockdown to tackle the coronavirus in India.

The woman died of extreme heat, hunger, and dehydration, according to a report of NDTV. The reports say that she had been unwell on the train due to a lack of food and water.

She had arrived at Muzaffarpur station from Gujarat in a special train for migrants on Monday. She collapsed shortly before the train reached the station.

The video shows the two-year kid playing with a cloth covering his mother’s body as a train announcement is made from the loudspeakers.

The incident took place on Monday.

“The child is trying to wake up the mother who died of hunger and dehydration in the train. These visuals are of Muzaffarpur station in Bihar and they were coming from Gujarat. These are institutional deaths, Piyush Goyal, you and your government is to be blamed. Shame on you people!” Gaurav Pandhi, national coordinator of the Congress’ social media operations said.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants who have no job security or protection were forced to trek hundreds of miles back to their villages-with some dying on the journey.

On Tuesday, a 10-month-old boy suffering from fever and breathing difficulties on board a Shramik Special train died in Uttar Pradesh. The family said that the railways did not arrange for a doctor despite their repeated pleas.

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