How to cope with loneliness during pandemic

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Fadil Abdulla

“A hug can solve all my problems”, a common usage shared among friends, relatives, or colleagues. Reaching out for emotional support with physical instincts is really comforting and helping but at this strict social distance situation, it isn’t possible. WE CAN’T HUG OR TOUCH.

The presence of psychologists at tragedy striking incidents is proven throughout time, the mental health is also taunted with any physical issue. Weddings, Playtime, Family gathering and food plans with your friends are all banned due to coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions of staying in a square are totally disastrous. People are covering their time to avoid isolation which can be fuel to depression by engaging in something or other, but not everybody is able to cope up with the quarantine and pandemic easy. While teens can find the pleasure in technology as videogames and other gatherings, considering older people who are not familiar with technology and in addition to that more vulnerable to coronavirus. Many out are isolated and feeling more alone than ever, you can just reach out to them through call or text.

A recent article on the New York Times under the title ‘How we got by’, an interview with people who have suffered horrible situations and survived. The death of a loved one, losing a job , thrown out of home for being homosexual, being a political prisoner are featured in the article. It is not just a survival they had from the situations, they also had a thrive to become better and brave souls. Here is what they recommended:

  1. Exploring a course:

Exploring the wide range of online courses or focus on already learned instruments like the guitar or violin or any other, Can even start learning a new one today. Any new task is welcome.

  • Pleasure in reading:

Start with short stories as a starter if you are not really into reading, Virtual libraries, ordering online books or new publications are the easiest way to get ready for this. Sharing with your friends and analysis of books can be your new kinda fun.

  • Developing routine:

Along with your daily routines such as drawing or exercising, maintain a good sleep pattern and hygiene, and creating a self-care package of watching your favorite movies or now web series “NETFLIX AND CHILL”. Arranging your closet or drawing doodles in your paper. Or just stick with your routine.

  • Opportunity for Self-treatment:

Considering quarantine time as a gift to complete your screenplay you wanted to write or finish the wall paintings, guide yourself to cook your favorite meal. You know the one which is unfinished and you really wanted to complete it. Do it.

  • Reach out:

Nothing can be easier and more challenging than helping out others, calling your friends, reconnecting with school buddies. It is not just you are getting bored, and reaching out to elderly neighbors or disabled to shop things. Altruistic activities do increase your spirits too.

This are just some tips shared by interviewees that can help to get over this pandemic situation.

Fadil Abdulla is a student of Psychology at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

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