Discrimination against Muslim students in Indore; Congress MLA demands strict action

Parents of more than 50 Muslim girl students of a minority school in Indore have complained that the students were made to sit separately outside classrooms during a board examination because of their religion.

The students took the Class 12 book-keeping examination at the Bengali High School in Indore on June 9 while being seated on benches and tables set on a cultural dais.

“Why are you making them sit outside? Make them sit inside according to their roll numbers,” In a video taken by a parent, a parent outside the school gate shouted against the center’s officials.

Congress MLA Arif Masood has written to BJP led- government’s chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan expressing concern over the matter.

“Where communal harmony should be taught, hatred is being spread. Action should be taken against those who are found guilty,” the letter read.

If the school didn’t have enough seating arrangement inside classrooms, why was it made a centre in the first place, he asks.

The Centre superintendent of the school justified the discrimination saying that those students had come from the containment area, this was done as a preventive measure.