Activists behind anti-CAA campaigns in Europe form human rights group

A coalition of human rights defenders in India and Europe formed the Collective Against the Violation and Abuse of Civil and Human Rights – (CAVACH), aiming to highlight state sponsored atrocities by the Indian Government. This team of young Indian diaspora based Europe, and citizens in India, who have been advocating for international solidarity for dissent groups in India, on Wednesday announced the launch of the new group for an ‘organised way forward’. The group has reached out to European Centre for Civil and Human Rights (ECCHR) and Amnesty Germany and wish to collaborate with them in the future.

The group has previously conducted several protests across India and Europe including Berlin, Köln, Brussels, and at the United Nations Office in Geneva against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act passed by the right winged Hindu nationalist government in India led by the BJP. Frequent police brutalities on peaceful protesters and students and suppression of dissent by the government has led to formation of the group. The team has also submitted detailed reports on grievous Human Right violations in India to the Sub-committee for human rights in the European Parliament as well as the German Parliament. These reports have been prepared in collaboration with advocates and social activists in India and Germany. Ms. Marie Arena, the chairperson of the sub-committee on Human Rights in the European Parliament, has also sent a letter to the home minister of India voicing her concerns on these violations.

The group shares deep concern about the morale of Modi’s government, who are accused of violating several constitutional and human rights. The group has submitted an urgent appeal to the United Nations Special Rapporteur for the release of Safoora Zargar, a five months pregnant student activist, who was later granted bail after 74 days in remand.