Art in the time of pandemic

Tishya Kathuria

I have a suggestion. Why don’t we rename art as art therapy?

In the midst of the lockdown hit country, a hotelier was asked to home-quarantine for 14 days. Hoteliers are characterized as people who never stop working. Sometimes for fortunate individuals, passion and profession really complement each other. This is what gave birth to my first ever art page.

Art is a personal weapon. In my opinion, the different art forms are a God-sent power intended for humans to express themselves without filters. In the prevailing unique circumstances, if one can’t physically visit their therapist, art is a way of bringing therapists home. I do not want to sound poetic. I am sharing my story here to make you believe in the immense power of art.

Making Art

Starting a new piece of art is the moment of facing the truth- humans tend to procrastinate. We need to fight it. Period.

There are two types of artists at the beginning of a new piece. The former being, the ones who are flooded with ideas and conflicting views that they doubt if they could execute their ideas at all. The second being, the ones which start with a blank mind. The end result is always the same- a beautiful piece of art. I am the first type of artist. I have a bunch of ideas in my brain, fighting to win the top spot. It is self-doubt which makes me procrastinate. This is what I do. I just go for it. I sit down at the desk, grab a pencil, and start sketching. This is to clear my makes my head regarding what I want to do and that is how I finalize the idea. This step is so important for channelizing confidence in the brain. It is immeasurable.

The most beautiful thing about making art is the process. While writing this I could picture myself painting in my room, sipping tea and listening to some soothing music by the vocalist, Prateek Kuhad. It takes all my anxieties away. Whenever you see an artist engaged in his work, he is in a zone and world of his own. It is his own breath of fresh air. When the work is completed, believe me, he is always keen on further improvising. Relatable? The smile on his face, on completion, is the most cherished moment for many.

Artists are very emotionally attached to their art. Probably, the reason I find it difficult to let go of my small creations. When I started my retro aesthetic themed art page (@tishya.jpg) on Instagram, my friends were convinced that I am here to sell my art. That was never true, it was more of a daily journal and a treat for everyone’s eyes. I gift art, out of love. I absolutely love it. It is difficult to separate your heart from your brain when you create. This is why, probably, being a hotelier suited me.

Cheers to artists all around the world who get up every morning and make art. You are brave and precious.

Cheers to making art.

Some branches and copper wires led to this small giant wheel.
Playing too many roles?
Frida Kahlo, pixelated. Acrylic on Ivory sheet.
Everything gold
This month’s Coca Cola’s print ad, in 1941. Acrylic on Ivory.
Breakfast At Tiffany’s•1961• Official Poster
Acrylic on fabric.

Tishya Kathuria is a student of hospitality management at Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad. She is a hotelier who loves to create little things.