BJP has lied on COVID-19, GDP and Chinese aggression: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday launched fresh attacks on the ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with three-pronged criticism on a number of issues.

Gandhi said that “BJP has institutionalised lies” and stated that the party is fudging data on coronavirus and related deaths, Gross Domestic Product figures and the recent standoff with China.

Congress and its former chief have been raising these issues relentlessly and calling out the Narendra Modi government over what they have said is the mishandling of the situations facing the country.

“BJP has institutionalised lies. 1. Covid19 by restricting testing and misreporting deaths. 2. GDP by using a new calculation method. 3. Chinese aggression by frightening the media,” Gandhi tweeted.

“The illusion will break soon and India will pay the price,” he added.

The tweet by the Congress leader also had an article by a Washington Post attached to it.

On Saturday, Congress leader had tweeted his criticism of the Centre over its handling of the standoff with China, saying India will pay a “huge price because of the government’s cowardly actions”.