RSS workers chant Jai Sri Ram outside activist Saket Gokhale’s house, threaten his mother

Right To Information (RTI) activist and former journalist Saket Gokhale said Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) workers chanted ‘Jai Sri Ram’ outside his residence in Thane, and even threatened his mother on Friday.

Sharing a video on Twitter, Gokhale wrote, “Urgent: RSS workers are outside my house chanting Jai Shri Ram. They just threatened my mother. Request urgent assistance from Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh and Thane Rural Police.”

The threatening comes hours after Allahabad High Court dismissed Gokhale’s plea to restrain Ram Mandir’s Bhoomi Pujan. In his plea, Gokhale had said that 300 people have been invited on August 5 for the event and that may cause violation of the social distancing regulations to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is not about Ram Mandir. This attack is because I exposed BJP infiltrating the Election Commission yesterday,” Gokhale said.

On Thursday, in a tweet Gokhale accused the Election Commission of India of hiring the BJP IT Cell for handling their social media in Maharashtra in the run-up to the 2019 State Assembly Elections.

“It is beyond shocking that the Election Commission chose a BJP IT cell guy and his agency to handle their social media for Maharashtra elections. ECI is supposed to be monitoring social media of parties during election. Here, they literally worked with the ruling party,” Gokhale added.

Regarding tweet of Gokhale, Election Commission of India has sought detailed factual report in this matter from CEO Maharashtra State Election Commission with respect to alleged locale of the incidence immediately.

“No matter how many political twists the BJP gives, how many campaigns are run by Modi media, or how many threats I get from the sangh parivar.I will never capitulate to Hindutva. India’s secularism and democracy are worth fighting for and dying for.I will keep doing the work I do,” he further said in a tweet after receiving threatenings from Hindu nationalist organization.

Gokhale also said that he has received 138 calls in the last 10 minutes from BJP and RSS workers.

“How did my number get out? Because Ministry of Information and Broadcasting sneakily published my RTI application without clouding my contact details. This was followed by a concerted campaign by Zee News,” he accused.