It’s worse we risk lives for merely refusing to say Modi Zindabad: Owaisi MP on attack against 52-year old Muslim

Asaduddin Owaisi (left) and Gaffar Ahmad Kacchawa (right).

In Rajasthan’s Sikar district, two Hindu men assaulted Gaffar Ahmad Kacchawa, a 52-year-old autorickshaw driver on Friday after he refused to chant “Modi zindabad” and “Jai Shri Ram”.

Kacchawa was left with broken teeth, a swollen eye and bruises on cheek, according to Indian Express report.

“When Ahmed bhai refused to say Modi Zindabad his attackers were so offended that they chased and thrashed him. Earlier Muslims were killed for refusing to say Jai Shri Ram. Now there’s another one. Such insecurity that they become violent thugs only to hear a Muslim say these words,” All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief and a four-time Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi responded to the incident.

Owaisi further said: “It’s horrible that these dimwitted criminals can even force these slogans on us, it’s worse that we risk lives for merely refusing.”

According to Kacchawa’s complaint “One of the men asked me to chant the slogan ‘Modi zindabad’ and I refused… Then he slapped me hard. I took my taxi and tried to flee towards Sikar. But they followed me on their car and stopped my vehicle near Jagmalpura. They forced me to descend from the vehicle and they badly beat me up…The men abused me and forced me to chant ‘Modi zindabad’ and ‘jai shree Ram’.”


“The men pulled my beard, kicked and punched me as a result of which 2-3 of my teeth broke…I sustained serious injuries on my left eye, cheek and head as they assaulted me with a stick. After beating me up, they said we will rest only after sending you to Pakistan,” the compliant reads.

Two accused have been arrested after an FIR was lodged by injured.

Police arrested two people-Shambhudayal Jat, 35, and Rajendra Jat,30.