Delhi Police sexually assault riot survivor, her daughter in station premises

The incident happened in Bhajanpura police station.

Muslim women, residents of Subhash Mohalla in northeast Delhi and survivors of northeast Delhi violence, accused Delhi Police officials of beating and sexually assaulting them in a station premises on the night of 8 August, The Caravan reported.

The incident happened in Bhajanpura police station.

According to The Caravan, a group of around ten women—including Shaheen Khan, Shanno, and the latter’s 17-year-old daughter—visited the Bhajanpura police station to seek the registration of an FIR based on the complaint they had filed two days earlier.

The women including the minor told The Caravan that they were violently and repeatedly slapped, manhandled and threatened, and sexually assaulted.

Delhi Police denied the charges.

Shaheen Khan said that the Police officials put their hands on the girl’s chest, they misbehaved with her and Shanno.

The policemen tore Shanno’s clothes over here, Khan added.

Caravan also reported that Shanno has earlier filed a complaint relating to northeast Delhi violence, looting, and arson she witnessed during the violence. Shanno said her family had faced attacks in relation to in June this year.

“They misbehaved with us a lot—with me, my mother and another woman who was with us. They misbehaved with us so much, I can’t tell you,” a 17-year-old woman told The Caravan.

The women had gone to the police station in relation to Sangh Parivar organizations’ celebrations over the stone-laying ceremony of the Ram temple at Ayodhya that took place on the intervening night of 5 and 6 August.

According to women’s compliant, the Hindu mob raised communal slogans, hurled abuses, asked the Muslims to leave the neighborhood.

Salim, Shanno’s husband, told The Caravan: “This is what the complaint was all about, for which they were not ready to register the FIR. We live in a state of panic every day and night now.”

Earlier, a fact-finding report by the Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) on violence in northeast Delhi revealed that the Delhi Police had sexually assaulted Muslim women who were protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The 134-page report has a separate section on women which seeks to detail multiple allegations of sexual assault on women, by Delhi Police and Hindu mob.