United States hits 5 million COVID-19 cases

The United States has recorded more than five million cases of COVID-19.

The US has more cases than any other country in the world, by a huge margin. Brazil, the country with the next highest number of cases, has just over 3 million in total. India, in third, has recorded just over 2.1 million.

The US also has the highest number of deaths in the world from the virus. According to Johns Hopkins tally, more than 162,000 people have died.

US top infectious diseases official offered hope earlier this week that an effective vaccine might be available by year’s end.

The Democrats’ presumptive presidential candidate, Joe Biden, published a statement on Medium late on Saturday night in anticipation of the US reaching 5 million coronavirus cases.

At least 19.7 million people around the world have been diagnosed with COVID-19, while the global death toll crossed 728,000. More than 11.9 million have recovered.

“It’s a number that boggles the mind and breaks the heart,” he wrote.

“Five million is more than the entire population of Alabama – or of more than half the states in our union, for that matter. Each time the number clicks up, it represents a life altered, a family stricken with anxiety, a community on edge. And for the families of the more than 160,000 souls who have died because of this virus, it is a pain that can never be undone,” Biden wrote.